„Weeds„' 486DX4-100

Some pics of my old (and still operational) Intel 486DX4-100, where all „Weeds„ Music Compositions® (tm) have been dreamed-up and born, and numerous multiplayer DOOM and Duke Nukem 3D games have been played... 'twas a real rocking (and extremely expensive) system in it's day!

System specifications:

  • Alton 450 watt AT power supply
  • 486F38X VESA Local Bus motherboard with 512KB external cache and AMI BIOS
  • Intel 486DX4-100MHz CPU, 50MHz bus speed (50x2)
  • 64MB EDO system RAM
  • Quantum QD6580W VLB hard disk controller with multiple I/O ports
  • Iomega Ditto Dash accelerator 1MB/sec controller card
  • Genoa 8600 video card with Cirrus chipset and 1MB video RAM
  • U.S. Robotics Sportster 33,600 baud data/fax modem
  • Multiple-port I/O card
  • Dual cooling fan card
  • Creative Labs CT1600 Sound Blaster Pro sound card
  • Creative Labs CT2760 Sound Blaster AWE32 sound card with 32MB onboard RAM and Panasonic CD-ROM interface
  • Creative Labs Wave Blaster daughterboard with 4MB onboard ROM
  • Maxtor 90648D3 6.4GB hard drive (four 1.6GB partitions)
  • Western Digital AC31600H 1.6GB hard drive (one 1.6GB partition)
  • Matsushita CR-563-B 2x CD-ROM drive with Panasonic interface
  • 3-1/2" and 5-1/4" combination floppy drive
  • Iomega Zip 100 parallel port drive
  • Iomega Ditto Easy 3200 3.2GB tape drive
  • Numerous other accessories, external hardware and peripherals, as well as TONS of games and software... including Microsoft DOS v6.22 and Microsoft Windows v3.11.

  • www.richnagel.net